Rehab Technologies IIT-INAIL Lab was founded in 2013 thanks to an agreement between IIT and INAIL, for the development and technological transfer of new high-tech prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitative products.


The goal of Rehab Technologies IIT-INAIL Lab is to aim of creating innovative high-tech solutions supported by the National Health Service and by patients.

The solutions developed so far include a poly-articulated hand prosthesis (Hannes), a motorized exoskeleton for the walking of paraplegic subjects (Twin) and a robotic rehabilitation platform for the lower limbs and the trunk (Hunova).

In addition, the Rehab Technologies IIT-INAIL Lab is working on the completion of several other product lines, including  projects on prostheses for both lower and upper extremities, and upper-limb robotic rehabilitation systems.

Through these collaborations, INAIL and IIT have consolidated their commitment to solving issues relating to physical disability, and enable the transfer  of “Made in Italy” technologies with a high social impact on to the national and international market, at a competitive cost.

Rehab Technologies is a certified laboratory in accordance with the international standard of quality management for medical devices, ISO 13485.


The collaboration between INAIL and IIT stems from the willingness to unite the capabilities of two public institutions to promote innovation in research,  joined by the requirement of people with physical disabilities  for autonomy and reintegration with society

The collaboration of INAIL-IIT thus leverages the recognized levels of excellence in their respective fields of activity; the experience in the technological research of IIT as an international leader in the field of robotics, and the experience of INAIL as a centre of excellence in prosthetics , which has been grown  through decades of experience in the research and experimentation of prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitative devices.

The projects developed by IIT and INAIL combine a high level of technology with a high social impact. Innovations and technical solutions are studied, by constantly keeping in mind the needs of the people who will actually use them, and are tested directly  in collaboration with patients. Specialized medical practitioners and patients, in fact, actively contribute to the design, realization and testing of the products being developed.


Rehab Technologies IIT-INAIL Lab is a laboratory specialized in the realisation of new prosthetic, orthotic and rehabilitation devices, which is situated in the heart of the central laboratories of IIT in Genoa, one of the largest robotics research centres in Europe.

The design, development and testing of devices is entrusted to a team of about 35 engineers and technicians, specialized in Mechatronics, Biomedical-neuro and computer-science.
Rehab Technologies IIT-INAIL Lab also collaborates with a network of external partners to combine technical and scientific expertise on aspects of the final marketable product, such as industrial design, ergonomics, and production engineering.

The Rehab Technology Centre occupies over 250 m2 of laboratory space  including a workshop equipped for the rapid-prototyping, construction, assembly and testing of all the devices designed at IIT, up to and including the phase of pre-production.

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