Technological transfer

One of the main missions of the Rehab Technologies IIT – INAIL Lab is to transfer technology and know-how developed within the Italian Institute of Technology to the medical market, in order to exploit innovation by putting it to the service of human health.


the main technological innovations developed so far in rehab technologies are included in the following patents:

– International Patent Application WO 2017/009795 of 14th of July 2016 called
“Foot For A Robotic Exoskeleton For Assisted Walking Of Persons Suffering from Locomotive Disorders”

– International Patent Application WO 2017/009759 of 8th of July 2016 called “Rotational speed reducer”

– International Patent Application WO 2017/178903 of 1st March 2017 called “Actuator for exoskeleton”

– Italian patents IT102018000003961 of 26th March 2018 called “Artificial wrist”

– Italian patents IT102018000005213 of 9th May 2018 called “underactuated Prosthetic Hand”


Dichiarazione Politica della Qualità

Certification ISO 13485 (ITA/ENG)

Spin off

the spin-off of rehab technologies, Movendo Technology, is an innovative medical company, initially supported by the Italian Institute of Technology and financed by Sergio Dompè, president of the biopharmaceutical group of the same name.

The vision of Movendo technology is to develop medical devices that use the most advanced technologies and Italian design, in order to meet the needs of patients undergoing specialized rehabilitation therapies and the medical professionals supporting them. The devices are designed from the specific needs of users and designed to be effective, simple to use and interactive.

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