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(project ref. number: PR19-PAS-P1)


The Hannes hand prosthesis, available from 2019, is a device capable of reproducing approximately 90% of the functionality of a natural hand.

It allows the user to grasp objects, adapting to the shape and external resistances, making gestures more fluid.

All of this, compared to other similar devices, with a cost of 30% less and higher performance, in terms of versatility, aesthetics and battery life that can last up to a whole day. The integration of the prosthesis in a complete upper limb prosthetic system will soon be available.

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Features and certifications


  • CE marked medical device
  • Thumb attachable in 3 different positions:
    • Fine grip : for small objects, writing, precision operations. For cylindrical objects.
    • Side grip : for thin objects such as cards, keys, etc...
    • Powered grip : for large or heavy objects
  • Sleeping position for a natural look
  • Flexible and rotating wrist
    • Wrist flexion-extension range: +/- 70° 
    • Free movement with 5 fixing positions
  • Motorized wrist rotation:
    • rotation degrees: 0 - 180°
    • extendable on request

Hannes - Publications Patents Description

Publications and patents

IIT Publications List

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Informations and details


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