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TRials supported by Smart Networks beyond 5G

TrialsNet will deploy full large-scale trials to implement a heterogenous and comprehensive set of innovative 6G applications based on various technologies such as cobots, metaverse, massive twinning, Internet of Senses, and covering three relevant domains of the urban ecosystems in Europe identified by i) Infrastructure, Transportation, Security & Safety, ii) eHealth & Emergency, and iii) Culture, Tourism & Entertainment. There will be 13 representative use cases developed over wide coverage areas with the involvement of extended sets of real users in 4 geographical clusters, in Italy, Spain, Greece, and Romania. The use cases will be transversal, each single use case will be potentially implementable over different clusters, thus allowing for a holistic evaluation of the network KPIs. Targeting to improve the “liveability” of the urban environment in the different domains, TrialsNet will also pursue the objective to i) understand where current networks are not sufficient to assure the performance needed by the use cases, and to ii) derive the new requirements for next-generation mobile networks. To achieve this, TrialsNet will design and deploy platforms and network solutions with advanced functionalities based on dynamic slicing management, E2E orchestration, NFV, MEC and AI/ML methods to be trialled on 3GPP and O-RAN network architectures. Design objectives of sustainability and affordability of the deployed systems will be also treated with the highest priority. Finally, TrialsNet will also develop appropriate technical assessment frameworks mapping quantitative and qualitative measures and visualizing the dynamics of the use cases for social acceptance. Proper KPIs will be monitored, proven and refined to provide a socio-technical vision toward early adoption of 6G solutions.

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Lorenzo Natale
Lorenzo Natale
Humanoid Sensing and Perception
Lorenzo De Michieli
Lorenzo De Michieli
Technology Transfer Directorate
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Total budget: 300.291,00€
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