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Smart Ankle

(project ref. number: PR19-PAI-P1)


Robotic ankle prosthesis able to give a more natural and safe walk to the patient. It is the evolution of passive carbon fiber foot and is highly innovative thanks to a motorized mechanism that allows a more physiological movement. Thanks to the integrated sensors, this prosthesis can understand which phase of the movement the patient is in, cushioning the step during contact with the ground.

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Features and certifications


  • Ergonomic robotic prosthesis
  • Configurable via bluetooth
  • Reduces the risk of stumbling
  • High energy return thanks to the high profile in carbon fiber
  • High ROM also suitable for inclined surfaces
  • Built-in battery and rechargeable via USB-C

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For all the informations and details about Smart Ankle, write an email to the following address:

Team Leader: Simone Traverso